Celler Piñol is a family run cellar located in the medieval town of Batea, Terra Alta. We are devoted to the winemaking of organic farming with wines with D.O. Terra Alta. Our love, passion and enthusiasm permeate our lives. At Celler Piñol, our land and family are the the main focus on which we rely, and that has allowed us to have, maintain and transmit all the knowledge to be able to winemade the finest wines in our area. Our wines are a tribute to our grandparents, parents or siblings.


In our shop you will find all those wines produced thanks to this love for the vineyards that we have cared for with fervor and vehemence. We mainly work with our most indigenous varieties such as white Grenache, red Grenache, Carignan and Morenillo, because at Celler Piñol we truly believe that the richness of our land for the winemaking of wines is the key to release terroir driven wines with a unique personality.

You will also find in our online shop our organically grown wines with appellation of origin Terra Alta, you will find all our wines classified by type of wine, family, pairing, variety of grapes and ageing so you can find the wine that best fits your tastes.