Josefina Piñol Sweet White 2016


Made from the late-harvested centenarian garnacha grapes, Josefina Piñol is our white sweet wine packaged in exquisitely designed bottles. To obtain a high sugar concentration, the grapes are handpicked just before reaching over maturity at the beginning of November and aged for 12 months in new French Oak barrels. The wine is the colour of bright amber with aromas of banana, dates, grapefruit, quince, dried apricots, candied orange and linden blossom. With an exceedingly complex taste reminiscent of raisins, marzipan and honey cakes, Josefina Piñol is an ideal partner for all kind of desserts, goose foie gras and blue cheeses.



D.O. Terra Alta

Varietats Garnatxa (100%)

Tipus de vi Vi blanc dolç

Criança 12 Mesos

Edat de la viña 85 anys

Tipus de sòl Argilós-calcari. Pobre en matèria orgànica

Grau 15%

Tº de Servei

Temps de conservació 25 anys

Nota de Cata en PDF


MEDALLA DE BRONZE Millor Vi Dolç de Catalunya

9,26 Punts Guia de vins de Catalunya

91 Punts Wine Enthusiast

Primer Premi Vi dolç blanc DO Terra Alta

95 Punts Wine Advocate

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