Red wine

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Within the red wines that we elaborate, we find different varieties. One of them is our most indigenous variety named Morenillo which is currently in the process of recovery.


Among our red wines we have several world-wide winners, for example L’Aví Arrufí red wine, was awarded with a gold medal in “Selections Mondiales de Bruxelles”.

Another red wine of which we are very proud and always recommend to our clients is the Finca Morenillo Crianza. It is a unique wine where the terroir is very present, as it is made 100% from the Morenillo grape variety.

One of our favorites is Mather Teresina Magnum, made with some of the oldest vines planted already by my grand-father.

If you are looking for a late harvested red wine from nearly hundred-year-old vines of Garnacha, Josefina Piñol Sweet red is a killer with chocolate, brownie, and some blue cheeses.

Sa Natura Organic red, awarded a gold medal at the world competition in Brussels, is a very terroir driven wine with great ripe black fruits such as plums and blackberries. Also some hints of apples, with a very mineral touch with toasted scents of wood.