Terra Alta

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Celler Piñol is a family winery with P.D.O Terra Alta wines. This Spanish Protected Designation of Origin is located to the west of the province of Tarragona, Celler Piñol is located in the town of Batea.
Each element involved in the winemaking process great value to this wine. The territory gives us the land and from it we obtain the autochthonous varieties of grape pampered by the ‘Cierzo’, a characteristic wind of this area.


The knowledge and ability to collect the harvest, to know how to treat it in the passage from the vineyard to the barrel and to know how to make the right decisions at the right time, allows us to make wines with an exclusive taste.
In our P.D.O Terra Alta wine shop, you will find wines made with organic grapes from the region. We mainly work with autochthonous varieties, such as white Grenache, red Grenache, Cariñena or Morenillo.
At Celler Piñol we offer you the best Terra Alta wines, discover our entire catalogue. We have red wine, white wine, rosé wine, organic wine and sweet wine. Choose between a young or crianza wine. Or if you prefer, you can buy online wine taking into account the pairing, choosing between a good wine for fish or an exquisite wine for meat, or if you prefer a wine for appetizers or a wine for rice.